S.B.R. right back into the studio!!!!

By captain t on Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

ATTENTION TRIBE! No stopping SBR NOW! After the demise of the Witch Doctor SHADOW BEAT RITUAL is STRONGER than ever! As it was written in the bible that a local Indian Chief at the Motel Ritual spoke of  a new AXEMAN in one of the abandon rooms! In joins “Uncle Funky” A road traveling Axe Butcher Showman, that has been very welcomed into the Family. Don’t miss the RITUAL when it comes too your town!…………………….Capt.T ‘*.*’




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What We Suspect
  • A pattern of recent events suggests that we may be experiencing a reappearance of the Shadow Beat Ritual phenomenon.
  • The Shadow Beat Ritual has manifested itself throughout history whenever human beings have faced a deep crisis.
  • Not much is known about the details of the Shadow Beat Ritual, but it is widely agreed upon that the ritual makes use of music, magic, and will power to achieve staggering victories over repressive forces.
  • The knowledge of the Shadow Beat Ritual is believed to be off limits to the powerful, the greedy, and those with evil in their hearts.
What we know
  • It is told that three young Cherokee warriors, powered by the SBR, used nothing but war drums to wipe out over 1,000 soldiers of the 17th regiment in South Carolina, thus saving their village from destruction.
  • It is believed that in 14th century Japan, a group of peasant farmers, strengthened by the SBR, used taiko drums to repel an attack by Lord Ishiwara’s elite ninja guard.
  • It is thought that in 1987, a group of girls from the Northern Thailand hill tribes used the SBR and chanting to annihilate a group of kidnappers, thus saving themselves from a life of forced prostitution.
What we can expect
  • Symbols translated from the SBR Manuscript (713 A.D.) point to present day Northern California as the starting point for the next cycle of Shadow Beat influence.